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Skokie hires consultant for area upgrades 2004-11-18 None Skokie Review, Thursday, November 18, 2004, p. 10 Aleksic, Michael, Streets - Lighting and signs, Skokie Board of Trustees, Peyer, Peter, Skokie - City planning, Stanley Consultants, West Dempster Street Business Redevelopment District, Valerie S. Kretchmer Associates, Thompson, Tom, Sidewalks
Special taxing district draws little opposition 2001-05-17 None Skokie Review, Thursday, May 17, 2001, p. 8 Streets - Lighting and signs, Special Taxing District 2, Taxation - Property tax, Parking, Streets - Maintenance and repair
Skokie residents get new street light system 1987-07-02 Residents living in the area bounded by Oakton, Main, Skokie and Kenton streets have a new street lighting system. The old system was owned and maintained by Commonwealth Edison. Life - Skokie edition, Thursday, July 2, 1987, Sec. 1, p. 5 Streets - Lighting and signs, Commonwealth Edison
Alley lights are available 1983-04-07 The Skokie Board of Trustees has made plans to light alleys. A citizen's group requested that some of Skokie's Community Development Block Grant money be spent on alley lighting. Life - Skokie edition, Thursday, April 7, 1983, Sec. 1, p. 1 Streets - Lighting and signs,
Finish lighting in 1979 1977-12-11 Village's mid-block residential street lighting program is expected to be completed by fall of 1979. Life - Skokie edition, Sunday, December 11, 1977, Sec. 1, p. 1 Streets - Lighting and signs,
Main street lights earn merit award 1977-02-13 Chicago Lighting Institute awards merit certification for Main Street lights. Life - Skokie edition (Weekend edition), Sunday, February 13, 1977, Sec. 1, p. 1 Streets - Lighting and signs, Chicago Lighting Institute
Walks, lights for Oakton 1974-07-04 New sidewalks and streets lights will be installed along Oakton in the downtown area. The News, Thursday, July 4, 1974, p. 12 Streets - Lighting and signs, Sidewalks, Oakton Street
Main St. lights, more CTA buses 1974-02-14 Village trustees approve proposal for high pressure sodium lamps to be erected on Main Street from McCormick Blvd to Laramie Avenue. The News, Thursday, February 14, 1974, p. 10 Streets - Lighting and signs, Main Street
Adopt fund resolution: Main test fails to impress 1972-08-17 Lights used in demonstration on Main Street are not approved. The News, Thursday, August 17, 1972, p. 9 Streets - Lighting and signs,
Will lite a block: Nix truck-mounted lites for Main test 1972-08-10 Lights for Main Street again a heated issued before Skokie Trustees. The News, Thursday, August 10, 1972, p. 7 Streets - Lighting and signs, Skokie Board of Trustees
Agree to demonstrate Main lights 1972-08-03 Lighting program for Main Street is approved by Trustees. The News, Thursday, August 3, 1972, p. 10 Streets - Lighting and signs, Skokie Board of Trustees
Main light fighters want vote 1972-07-20 Residents of Main Street disagree over street lights planned for the street. The News, Thursday, July 20, 1972, p. 1 Streets - Lighting and signs, Main Street
Rally forces for lighting fight 1972-07-13 Fight continues over type of street lights for Main Street. The News, Thursday, July 13, 1972, p. 6 Streets - Lighting and signs,
New lights for Skokie neighborhoods 1967-07-27 Non-arterial street lights to be converted from incandescent to mercury vapor lamps over next four years. The News, Thursday, July 27, 1967, p. 13 Streets - Lighting and signs,